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GeoSpace is an African company based in Pretoria, South Africa. We are committed to the continued improvement of the African continent and its people. Human Rights, Democracy, Security, Primary Health Care, Basic Education & Capacity Building, Agriculture, Housing, Services, Infrastructure development and Environment are important to us. As can be seen from our list of projects and clients most of our projects are impacting directly on one or more of the above.

Research and Development (R&D)
It starts with R&D. We do proper R&D to identify and develop the most appropriate technology relevant to the African market. The Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) is an example. The developmental agenda of Africa requires imagery as the basis for proper planning. Our research has shown that the DMC meets this requirement better than any other system. This is why we operate two DMCs. Another example is our Population and Housing Census Mapping solutions. We have developed census mapping solutions that are in line with the United Nations principles and recommendations whilst addressing the unique needs and requirements of Africa.

Community involvement
A key component of our fieldwork methodology is the involvement of the communities that we work in. This results in job creation and capacity building at grass roots level.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” - Trevor Manual, the South African Minister of Planning. GeoSpace has identified statistics as the main area of our direct financial contribution to countries and communities in Africa. Hence GeoSpace is/has been a sponsor of several conferences and symposia on statistics hosted in Africa. It includes the 2005 Commonwealth Conference for Statisticians that was hosted in Cape Town and the 2009 Conference of the International Statistics Institute (ISI) in Durban. Most significant is our involvement with the Africa Symposium on Statistics Development (ASSD). ASSD is committed to the improvement of official statistics in Africa. We are the very proud about our continued sponsorship of ASSD ever since the first event was held in Cape Town in January 2006. After Cape Town ASSD’s were held in Kigali (2007), Accra (2007) and Luanda (2009), Dakar (2009), Cairo (2010), Cape Town (2011), Yamoussoukro (2012) and Gaborone (2014).

GeoSpace is committed to the improvement of Africa and its people.

We do this through relevant R&D, community involvement & sponsorships.

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