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GeoSpace is the leading aerial photography operator in Southern Africa. We operate two large format Digital Mapping Cameras (DMC ®’s) from Z/I Imaging® - a subsidiary of Intergraph® Corporation. The DMC represents the latest, most advanced technology in large format digital camera systems.

The integrated acquisition and processing system delivers high quality imagery, ortho photos and digital terrain models (DTMs) that meets the most stringent survey and engineering specifications. It provides RGB and near infrared images of ground resolution of between 4 and 50 centimeters. The system delivers GIS ready images, enabling direct production of a wide range of deliverables.

We provide the best quality digital aerial photography currently available at competitive prices and unrivalled production capacity on the African continent. Applications include Town- and Regional Planning, Engineering, Census mapping, Cadastral Mapping, Cartography, Agriculture, Forestry, Land use mapping, Geology, Environmental management, Disaster management, GPS navigation and image maps for the internet. Read more.

GeoSpace is committed to the improvement of Africa and its people.

We do this through relevant R&D, community involvement & sponsorships.

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Geospace is a level three contributor. Read more.

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